Webinar Replay:
The Truth About Fall Risk and Prevention Today

Webinar overview

The CDC reports the death rate due to falls has increased in the U.S. by 30% from 2007 to 2016, and if this pattern continues, by 2030 there will be 7 fall-related deaths an hour. The cost of these falls heavily lies on the older adults’ providers and payors. On average, a Medicare Advantage plan’s fall spend is $3 million yearly for every 1,000 members.

How do we change this devastating trend?

In this webinar, three experts in the aging adult field, Dr. Jon Warner, Dr. Nathan Estrada, and Kori Magallanez, cover the following topics:

  • How falls impact a health plan
  • Why a population health approach to fall prevention is key
  • How technology can play an impactful role in decreasing fall risk
  • What an older adult truly perceives as a fall risk intervention



Meet the experts

Dr. Jon Warner; CEO, Silver Moonshots

Has extensive knowledge of the aging population and technologies; advocates for health care innovation to improve lives

Kori Magallanez; Director, Program Management

Has 15 years+ experience in health care quality; rehab, long term, and primary care settings, as well as working for a large health plan

Dr. Nathan Estrada; VP, Clinical Operations, Nymbl

Has extensive experience working with the aging population, as well as a thorough understanding of Medicare Advantage plans


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