TSG Innovation Lab Partners with Nymbl to Reduce Patient Falls

The TSG Innovation Lab sent out the following press release today. We’re excited to be partnering with them!

“The TSG Innovation Lab is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Nymbl Science, a digital health company specializing in fall prevention, the number one sentinel event as reported by The Joint Commission. Combining medical science and mobile technology, Nymbl’s patented application measures, tracks and improves reflexive balance in the elderly population.

Ed Likovich, Nymbl’s CEO, commented: “We all have a personal example of how a fall has significantly impacted a loved one’s life; in fact, I lost my Grandfather to a fall. Through this exciting partnership with the TSG Innovation Lab, we will greatly increase our reach to seniors throughout the U.S. Most falls are preventable; no one should have to receive the call that their loved one has had a catastrophic fall.”

Using Nymbl’s cloud-based mobile application, patients complete a risk assessment based on research supported by the American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatrics Society. Nymbl generates a balance score identifying fall risk areas for each patient and automatically assigns a customized training program to improve their reflexive balance, to move them out of the high fall risk category. Early adopters of this new technology have realized a reduction in their patient fall profile by up to 50%.

Nymbl will be joining other strategic partners of the TSG Innovation Lab, a recently established business unit within The Sullivan Group (TSG). “We are very excited that Nymbl has joined the TSG Innovation Lab,” stated Dan Sullivan, MD, JD, President and CEO of TSG. “Preventing patient falls has always been an important part of patient safety. Unfortunately, patient falls remain one of the leading causes of litigation in the aging services community. We are optimistic that Nymbl’s scalable solution to improve the reflexive balance in millions of elderly patients will greatly reduce the number of patient falls across the globe.”

The TSG Innovation Lab meets monthly with its strategic partners and quarterly with TSG’s Leadership Team to evaluate and assess potential new strategic partners. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to partner with the TSG Innovation Lab or Nymbl, please contact us at innovation@thesullivangroup.com.

About Nymbl Science
Nymbl’s mission is to prevent 1 million falls among older adults. Nymbl achieves high engagement by giving older adults a fun experience in only 10 minutes a day using an approach that directly improves an individual’s ability to sense and react to the everyday stimulants that could result in a fall. This approach is called dual-tasking, which combines cognitive and physical exercise into an engaging daily program delivered through a smartphone or tablet. The Nymbl intervention is designed to remove the barriers of cost and scalability, making it the ideal population health solution for the problem of falls among older adults.

About TSG Innovation Lab
TSG has worked with over 1,000 acute care facilities; it has been used by 95,000 clinicians, and it has an impact on over 20 million patient visits annually. TSG’s RSQ® Solutions platform is used by some of the nation’s largest hospital systems to successfully reduce adverse outcomes. The TSG Innovation Lab partners with organizations in the healthcare technology space, resulting in co-development of new products and greater exposure to solutions that impact patient safety and improve patient outcomes and patient experience.”

For more information, you can see the original release here.