The Science

Nymbl builds on a strong foundation of science to deliver meaningful improvement in balance. At the center of this foundation is dual-tasking – a clinically-proven approach. Nymbl delivers this well-known balance improvement mechanism at much larger scope through digital delivery and intelligent adaptive algorithms, tuning the experience for each individual user.

Reduction of Sway at 21 Days


A person’s sway measurements, particularly postural sway area and sway velocity directly relate to their balance and fall risk. 

At 21 days of Nymbl participation: 

  • Postural sway area reduced by 37%
  • Sway velocity reduced by 15%
  • Medio-lateral sway improved 16%
  • Anterior-Posterior sway improved 12%

(Source: Imperial College, London UK) 

Significant Reduction of Individuals at High Risk of Falling

 At 30 days of use, half of the engaged Nymbl users that started in the “high risk” of falls category (per STEADI assessment measures) moved out of the “high risk” category – these users successfully transitioned from being considered a faller to being a non-faller.

Peer-Reviewed Studies


1. British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open):

“Nymbl Balance Training app significantly reduces sway in tested older adults”

The British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open) published the results of the peer-reviewed feasibility study that measured sway improvements of older adults using Nymbl’s innovative, at-home digital balance training.


  • Participants’ postural sway significantly improved after only 3 weeks’ use of Nymbl’s balance training app.
  • Nearly 50% of participants reported supplemental benefits in addition to improved balance after using Nymbl, including increases in muscle strength and confidence after retesting.
  • Participants demonstrated high adherence to Nymbl’s balance training app.
    • 77% of participants considered Nymbl’s app to be an appropriate balance tool. 
    • 88% of participants found Nymbl to be an easy fit into their daily routine.
    • Participants reported an appreciation for Nymbl’s instructions provided and the sense of achievement after use.

The study included participants aged 55+ with access to a smartphone or tablet and assessed their postural sway in a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

(Source: BMJ Open, 2020)

Article: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/10/12/e039054


2. BMC Geriatrics:

“Nymbl 1 of 4 recommended balance improvement apps worldwide”

BMC Geriatrics reviewed the currently available fall prevention solutions worldwide and identified the best digital resources for strength and balance training, publicly available in the form of apps and websites. After examining all international app and web-based fall prevention programs designed for older adults, Nymbl is internationally recognized as 1 our of 4 digital evidence-based strength and balance programs recommended for older adults.

BMC rated these programs’ apps and websites on their ability to support older adults performing exercises independently, and evaluated their quality and evidence for effectiveness in improving strength and balance and/or preventing falls.

Disclaimer: Nymbl has since notified BMC Geriatrics of our international presence and we look forward to this update.

(Source: BMC Geriatrics, 2020)

Article: https://bmcgeriatr.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12877-020-01880-6