Nymbl’s Fall Prevention Program

Backed by rigorous science and powered by clinically validated technology, Nymbl provides effective and lasting results for our users.


We know that our users’ needs are unique, and we calibrate our program to meet each individual where they are on their balance journey.


With a bite-sized, incremental program approach, we fit easily alongside our partners’ existing programs and within our users’ daily lives.


We proactively and dynamically provide insights and feedback as users engage with our program, progressing them through their balance program, knowing that Nymbl is working for them.


Why Fall Prevention Is So Important

The foundation of fall prevention is teaching older adults how to really change their balance for the better.

Curated by experts, education comes in the form of positive weekly messages on fall prevention and balance tips.

Content includes topics like:

  • “Top 10 ways to Improve Your Balance”
  • “Why Most Falls Happen at Night”
  • “Why it is Important to Get Your Vision Checked”

The Digital Balance Solution

Balance Activities That Older Adults Actually Want To Do

Nymbl’s balance program combines fun cognitive challenges with simple body movements to impact the cognitive part of balance, AKA your reflexive balance.

  • Accessible – Access Nymbl anywhere, anytime on a smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to Start – An initial STEADI risk assessment allows for a personalized experience to meet each individuals’ needs
  • Efficient – 10 minute sessions provide an effortless way to engage in balance activities
  • Adaptable – As the member’s balance improves, their specific experience adapts to meet them where they are


Why Older Adults Engage with Nymbl

  • 93% of older adults think it is important to have access to balance training in their own homes

  • 70% of older adults say they are worried about falling and/or unsteady when walking

  • 88% of older adults surveyed feel they can easily fit Nymbl into their daily routine

  • 80% of older adults own a smart device 


Outcomes with Nymbl

The Nymbl balance program goes beyond theory and members see real results.


improvement in balance can be achieved with the Nymbl program


of members report improved confidence in balance


experience real improvement in balance within the first 90 days