The Nymbl Product Line

The Nymbl Product Line

Balance Measurement, Training and Tracking for Fall Prevention and Population  Health

Nymbl offers a complete line of products for measuring, training and tracking balance. We measure balance through the Nymbl Pro application, that runs on most current smartphones or tablets.

We train balance for individual use through the Nymbl Training App, which uses our patented dual-task balance training system and tracking improvement and engagement with the balance exercise program. For a class setting, this same science is delivered through the Nymbl Class app, which runs 10 minute classes that are specifically designed for Senior Living Communities.

Nymbl products are designed for population health. They are scalable, require minimal human intervention, and have high long-term engagement. The user interface is designed iteratively with older adults to provide the best possible user experience. Detailed information on each product is listed below:

Nymbl TrainingNymbl's award winning balance training app. Delivers self-led dual task balance training in 10 minutes per day.
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iOS: iPhone, iPad, iTouch
Android: late model smartphones and tablets
Smartphone ApplicationOlder adults who wish to improve their balance
Nymbl ClassNymbl Class appDelivers 10 minute dual tasking balance classes designed to be fun and engaging.
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iOS: iPhone, iPad, iTouchSmartphone ApplicationHealthcare professionals, Coaches, Managers
Nymbl ProPerforms Balance Evaluations in 5 minutes based on CDC STEADI protocol.
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iOS: iPhone, iPad, iTouch
Android: late model smartphones and tablets
Smartphone ApplicationHealthcare professionals, Coaches, Managers
Nymbl Intelligent PortalProvides real-time tracking of user's engagement and progress, plus analytics to determine patterns and effective interventions.
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Browser based - cross platformBrowser ApplicationHealthcare professionals, Coaches, Managers

All Nymbl products support HIPAA compliance and use state of the art encryption to protect all user data.

Please click on the links in the table above for further information on these products, or feel free to contact us for compete information and a demonstration about how they can be used in your organization to improve balance and prevent falls.

Our Nymbl Products:  Nymbl Class, Nymbl Pro,  Nymbl Training, Nymbl Intelligent Portal

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