The Nymbl Intelligent Portal

The Nymbl Intelligent Portal


Nymbl Portal Main Screen
The Nymbl Portal shows evaluations, training level, training incidences, and status including reported pain, dizziness or excess exertion

The Nymbl Portal allows tracking of all Nymbl users in real time.
Nymbl Intelligence provides insight and recommended actions.

The Nymbl Intelligent Portal is a web-based application that displays the status of users so they are easy to track, manage and update. Built in analytical algorithms point out where a user is struggling or succeeding, making the coach more efficient and effective.  The portal allows direct communication to the users in multiple formats.

The Portal has the following functions:

portal pain notification
User 2 has reported pain while doing the exercises. The coach will be notified to amend their intervention
  • Track balance evaluations and immediately see improvement, percentiles, and sub-scores
  • Track usage, either in a class or at home.
  • Assign training levels
  • Add a new user to the coach’s list
  • Edit an existing user’s details
  • Notification of subjective feedback: pain, dizziness and excess exertion
  • Pain is reported by area, eg. knee, hip or ankle
  • Communicate directly to the user either in the application, by email, or text so you are always in touch
  • Supports HIPAA compliance and uses state of the art encryption of user data

Portal Intelligence provides the revolutionary ability to interact with users that was never possible in other balance interventions such as classes.  The coach can see how often a user is doing their training, where they’re experiencing difficulties, how their cognitive training is progressing.

They can then amend the training program in real time and communicate with the user instantly.


The Nymbl Intelligent Portal allows the healthcare professional or wellness coach to track balance progress and interact with users from a distance.  It delivers a complete user management capability previously unavailable in balance interventions.  Find out more about how Nymbl can revolutionize balance interventions in your Senior Community, Health Care Organization or Home Care Company.

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