The Nymbl Class App

The Nymbl Class Application


Running a class with Nymbl Class App

Nymbl Class allows a coach to run a professional “dual-tasking” 10 minute balance class with proven results

The Nymbl Class app delivers our “dual tasking” approach to balance improvement projected on a TV screen in portrait mode for easy running of a daily balance class. Features of Nymbl Class include:

  • Run a Balance Class
    • Automatically runs an interactive 10 minute class that is controlled by the coach with an Apple iOS device
    • Animates and explains each exercise
    • Times each exercise while displaying dual tasking cognitive challenges for the class to participate in together
    • Displays “easier/harder” levels for each exercise so everyone can participate at their appropriate level
    • Refined user interface makes it easy for the class leader to run the tech and manage the class simultaneously
    • Class can be run without first connecting to WIFI – easy, reliable setup in rooms where WIFI is spotty or non-existent
  • Take and Track Attendance.
    • Class leaders can easily take attendance before or after a class
Class App Exercise screen
A Class screen showing the current exercise, plus harder and easier options that appeal to a broad range of seniors


  • Apple TV Box with HDMI Cable
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • WIFI (required only at first login and for updates – class can be run without WIFI)


The Nymbl Class app has been demonstrated to run effective balance classes that get great results in 10 minutes per day.  The perfect application for Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living, and Senior Centers who are interested in reducing falls and improving wellness.

A “Stroop” cognitive challenge for the class.
Celebration screen!

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