Validation of the Nymbl Balance Platform

Validation of the Nymbl Balance Platform

The Nymbl Balance Platform has validated performance and efficacy at multiple levels.  The key findings are listed below. If you would like further information, click here for the studies behind these findings

level 1 validation


High Initial Engagement

It begins with high initial engagement with greater than 25% of an entire independent living community (ILC) initiating the program when offered.

Source: Nymbl Users

level 2 validation


21 Days – Significant reduction in Sway

At 21 days of participation we already see balance impairment improvements with demonstration of advanced ability, control, and reaction. These are signs that the body can adjust to prevent falls. This impairment improvement correlated with a 15% increase in balance scores.

  • Postural sway area reduced by 37%
  • Sway velocity reduced by 15%
  • Medio-lateral sway improved 16%
  • Anterior-Posterior sway improved 12%

Source: Imperial College London

Level 3 validation


30 Days – 50% Reduction in percentage at Falls Risk

At 30 days residents in senior living have seen a 28.3% balance score improvement that resulted in a 50% reduction in the number of persons at increased risk of falling.

Source: Nymbl User Data and CDC STEADI


Long-term Sustainability and Engagement

Participation in the program is sustained long term with 87% of Independent Living Community residents completing at least 3 days per week. At 6 months over 2/3rds of community members are still participating.

Source:  Nymbl User Data


Permanent Change

The Nymbl Balance Platform is resulting in lasting balance improvements at a point where research indicates permanent attitudes and behaviors are changed.

Click here for the complete studies behind these findings

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