The Proof  is in the Science

Nymbl builds on evidence-based dual-tasking science to deliver meaningful improvements in balance.

Scientifically Proven, Real World Results

Training Reflexive Balance is Foundational to Nymbl

Nymbl builds on a strong foundation of market tested, evidence-based science to deliver meaningful improvement in balance. The core of this foundation is dual-tasking – a clinically-proven approach.

Nymbl delivers this well-known balance improvement mechanism at much larger scope through digital delivery and intelligent adaptive algorithms, tuning the experience for each individual user.

Nymbl’s Dual-Tasking Approach

  • There are two elements to balance, cognitive and physical –While both are important, Nymbl’s technology focuses on the cognitive element of balance
  • The cognitive element of balance allows older adults to recognize they are falling and through practice, formulate a “plan” on how to catch themselves in an instant – known as their balance reflex
  • As people age, their balance reflex starts to decline, meaning their balance is now an executive function, they have to actively think about it
  • Nymbl retrains a person’s reflexive balance, combining cognitive challenges with simple functional movements together – An older adult’s brain is focused on the cognitive challenge which means their reflex has to control their body and balance

Clinical Validation

A person’s sway measurements, particularly postural sway area and sway velocity directly relate to their balance and fall risk.

According to Imperial College, London UK:

At 21 days:

Nymbl participants demonstrated improvement  validated by industry gold-standard measures in older adults for both clinical and subjective outcomes of utilizing a smart device.

Population Health Impact

Nymbl is a population health tool designed to be implemented at scale for your organization

At 30 days of use, half of the engaged Nymbl users that started in the “high risk” of falls category (per STEADI assessment measures) moved out of the “high risk” category.

  • 35% reduction in Emergency Medical Service calls.
  • 88% found Nymbl easy to fit into their daily routine and 77% considered it an appropriate balance training tool.

A Population in Need


The average age of an engaged member is 73.1, with an age range of 55-90+.

80% own a smart device.


Over 70% of the population identified they are worried about falling and 93% expected fall prevention to be available at home.


Every older adult over 65 is at risk for falls, with 80% being above normalized risk. 



Peer Reviewed and Proven

British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open):

“Nymbl Balance Training app significantly reduces sway in tested older adults” 

BMC Geriatrics:

“Nymbl is 1 of 4 recommended balance improvement apps worldwide”  due to our use of cognitive behavioral training 


Nymbl by the Numbers

Nymbl’s goal is to help people become confident in their balance – When this happens, they will become confident to improve their quality of life.


of Nymbl users experienced clinical meaningful change on post testing


of users reported reduction of sway velocity, a leading cause of falls


of surveyed users at 6 months said they were likely to continue using Nymbl


of surveyed users report they would recommend Nymbl to a friend