Serving Our Partners

Nymbl partners with organizations to reach populations of older adults in order to improve their quality of life and improve fall prevention outcomes for organizations.


Nymbl and Medicare Advantage plans work together to improve quality ratings, reduce the cost of falls to impact the overall cost of care, and reach more members than ever before.


We work with At-Risk providers to offer a proven fall risk management solution that patients truly want to engage in, while also impacting quality ratings and patient outcomes.


Nymbl helps AAA’s offer older adults evidence-based balance training that is easy for them to access and engage in and also fits in with AAA’s specific government budgets.

Falls and Your Business

What the Statistics Show

  • Falls are expensive—A single fall can cost from $5,000 to $30,000
  • 11% of the older adult population has a fall-related claim each year
  • 31% of older adults die within 3 years of a fall-related hospitalization
  • Only 1 in 400 engage in in-person balance training classes

The bottom line is that not enough older adults are receiving the intervention they really need.

What it’s Like to Work with Nymbl

Nymbl’s primary goal with our partners is to make the procurement, implementation and follow-through as “low-lift” as possible:

  • Nymbl’s implementation ensures integration into existing systems and a rapid onboarding of your members in weeks, not months
  • We adhere to your brand standards and integrate a co-branded approach in outreach
  • We manage member engagement by curating content, outreach and onboarding into the program
  • Nymbl provides success measurement with robust reporting spanning the entire program, with specific measures at each point in the user journey


What Our Partners Can Expect

  • 1 in 4 members activate and engage with Nymbl’s fall prevention education
  • 6% to 10% of members enroll in Nymbl’s balance training, compared to 0.25% engagement in other fall prevention programs.
  • 70% of Nymbl users discuss fall risk with their primary care physician after engaging with Nymbl, resulting in improved quality ratings.
  • 45% of Nymbl users experience clinically meaningful change, resulting in reduced spend on falls