How does Nymbl fit into Senior Living?


Residents access Nymbl balance training in the privacy of their own homes using their own devices, or in a group class environment. Training takes just 10 minutes per day, allowing many options to fit Nymbl into your existing activity schedule. Many of our clients begin other exercise classes with 10 minutes of Nymbl training. Nymbl encourages engagement with your residents and can enhance existing fall prevention initiatives.

One of the benefits of Nymbl is that all content is contained within our software and is regularly updated. There is no need to “plan in advance” for running a Nymbl Class.

88% of older adults find Nymbl easy to fit into their shedule.

In addition to balance training, Nymbl’s technology provides your staff a quick-and-easy population-wide view into the balance wellness of your communities.

Prevent Move Outs

The industry standard cost of acquiring one new resident and filling an empty spot is $5,000- $8,000. With a successful falls prevention program, these costs can be significantly reduced because losing a resident due to a fall is less likely. In an implementation with a Denver-based senior living community, Nymbl prevented an estimated 2.3 move-outs.

Happier, Healthier Residents

Balance is a key component of wellness in senior living communities. Improved resident balance has community-wide benefits including reduced falls and increased participation in events, leading to overall more socially-engaged residents.


Nymbl provides consistency across communities and does not require highly-trained staff or clinicians. It is a solution that is easy to roll-out and sustain. We understand there can be high turn-over in senior living. With Nymbl’s simple guided implementation, anyone in the community can run a Nymbl class.