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Nymbl is a population-wide, scalable balance program that leads to reduction in fall risk. Nymbl is delivered on existing, member-owned smart devices in just 10 minutes per day. By combining short-duration sessions with fun cognitive challenges, Nymbl reaches the 9 in 10 older adults who won’t leave their homes for a balance class.

Cost Savings

Nymbl is designed for scale and adoption by meeting the needs of most older adults who prefer to do balance training in the privacy of their own homes. Existing balance training programs utilize a “train the trainer” approach, which requires ongoing investment in personnel and physical space for implementation, making them impossible to scale to a population. Nymbl delivers 3 times better engagement at 1/50th the cost of other programs, enabling a true population-health approach to fall prevention.

STARS Improvement

Older adults are increasingly reporting “no” on the HOS survey as to whether they received a fall intervention. This is primarily because typical advice like “use a walker” or “go to the YMCA” is no longer perceived as novel. Nymbl can be deployed population-wide in weeks, and with a customized approach that’s tailored to each individual, older adults perceive Nymbl as a welcome intervention. In our clinical trials, over 75% of Nymbl users report that they want to continue using Nymbl even after the study was completed, and 88% found it easy to fit Nymbl into their daily routines.


Nymbl can be implemented population-wide in weeks using our standard marketing campaign. It requires no tech integration, thus simplifying contracting and IT reviews. Nymbl does not require any expensive hardware; we utilize existing, member-owned smart devices (63% of those age 70+ have one). After downloading Nymbl Training, an older adult is able to immediately initiate balance training in their own home. The technology automatically adapts to skill level and intelligently promotes based on performance, removing the need for trained coaches. You are then empowered to monitor and impact outcomes at a population scale.