Nymbl Fall Prevention in Senior Living Communities

Nymbl Fall Prevention in Senior Living Communities

The benefits of improving your residents’ balance with Nymbl

Senior Living Community Directors know that wellness is not only vitally important for their residents, it’s good business as well. Improved resident balance has community-wide benefits including reduced falls and increased participation in events, which in turn makes the community more lively and attractive.

Nymbl provides these key benefits to a senior living community:

  • Happier residents who participate more in life
  • Cost Savings
  • Ease of implementation

happy residentsHappier residents participate more in life

Residents who are not afraid of falling participate more in the life inside and outside your community.  Improved resident balance has community-wide benefits including reduced falls and increased participation in events, leading to overall more socially-engaged residents.

Improving your bottom line

The industry standard cost of acquiring one new resident and filling an empty spot is $5,000- $8,000. Successfully implementing Nymbl for a year in your community costs less than one move out– delivering an immediate return on your investment.

Ease of implementation

Nymbl is designed with the daily flow of a Senior Living Community in mind, and can easily be incorporated to maximize participation and results. Your residents can use Nymbl in their homes, or in a class setting.

Nymbl Classes virtually run themselves and because they last only 10 minutes can fit in before movie night, lunch or other wellness classes.

Nymbl delivers results

Nymbl delivers benefits both in community engagement and balance improvement.  Typically 30% or more of your residents will attend Nymbl Classes, as opposed to the 5% that is the industry norm.

We’ve validated significant improvement in balance sores: 36% on average in 4-8 weeks when done 3 days a week, 10 minutes a day. Most importantly, 50% of residents at acute falls risk exits the category altogether. See detailed information on our validated balance improvement results.

Think as Nymbl as the onramp to wellness in your community.

Nymbl fall prevention class

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