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Nymbl has shown amazing results in Independent Living Communities

The many benefits of improving population balance with Nymbl

Senior Living Community Directors know that wellness is not only vitally important for their residents, it’s good business as well. Balance is a key component of wellness, and improved resident balance has community wide benefits including reduced falls and increased participation in events, which in turn makes the community more lively and attractive.

Nymbl has proven results that impact the bottom line of a senior living commuity
Proven results

Improving balance directly impacts a Senior Community’s bottom line.   The estimated cost of acquiring a new resident is $5,000, making keeping the existing residents healthy and happy even more important.  For most communities, nothing impacts a person’s ability to continue to age in place than falls, and falls are the number 1 reason why people move from Independent Living to Assisted Living. Thus, preventing falls is the single greatest investment a community can make to improve the financial health of the community.

The Nymbl System is designed from the bottom up to be an essential tool for improving population health in your community. Our system is not “another balance class” it is a tool that can be used to track and improve your residents’ wellness. This can have a profound positive impact on your business.

Science + Mobile Tech = Results:
Reducing by 50% the number of residents at risk of falls

the Nymbl Balance Test Results Screen showing falls risk
Balance evaluation tool

A partnership with Nymbl begins by assessing the balance of every member of your community and establishing their falls risk profile.  Our approach is population-based and continuous. Once we know the scores, we set up a comprehensive program for each resident.  Some may need Physical Therapy, some have excellent balance and should keep pursuing their active lives. But the majority tend to fit into an area where Nymbl can make a huge difference.

Typically over 80% of the residents at an Independent Living Community are at falls risk (according to CDC cutoffs that Nymbl automatically determines).  Within 1-2 months, by attending 10 minute classes or doing our exercises at home, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in the number of residents at falls risk.

Imagine the impact this can have in your community. Fewer ambulances pulling up due to a fall.  More people able to participate in your events and activities.  A renewed “buzz” in your facility.  And, importantly for the financial health of your community, longer stays resulting from fewer falls.  This can improve occupancy and dramatically lower your marketing costs. Everyone wins!

How do we accomplish this?

Nymbl's Dual Tasking Approach to Balance Improvement
Balance is about the Brain: Dual Tasking Improves Balance Faster

The foundation of Nymbl is our patent-pending “dual tasking” approach to balance improvement.  Dual tasking is based on science, where study after study show that by adding a cognitive component to balance/physical exercises, balance increases faster. And this mimics the real world. People generally don’t fall when they are concentrating “only” on not falling, they generally fall because they get distracted by a phone call, interruption, etc.

Dual tasking stimulates the brain to become better at dual tasking, in much the same way that lifting weights makes you stronger. This is the essence of brain plasticity – stimulating the brain initiates rebuilding of synapses that once were there but lost function over time, which makes the brain better at doing two things at once. The end result is that the senior is more able to handle distractions, and thus better able to avoid falls.

Senior living community implementation and results

We have partnered with a number of senior living communities to assure that our solutions work in the “real world”. Typically, we’ll host an event to discuss the science behind balance improvement, dual tasking, and falls prevention, and then do balance tests on a majority of the community residents.  They will then be offered daily classes sponsored by the community management or the software to use at home.

Classes are 10 minutes long and normally given at a convenient time so that they can become habit forming, for instance right before lunch. They are fun, upbeat and help build community. At home users are encouraged to set the reminder so that they do the exercises every day (5 days recommended).

Scores are tracked regularly, normally after the first and second months and then quarterly thereafter. We’ve seen amazing improvement in every community we’ve worked with. In aggregate, scores improved 36% in two months or less, and virtually everyone improves.  This gives residents the confidence and improved balance to get out more, which has a virtuous cycle of health improvement.

Nymbl testimonials from ILCs

Our best recommendations come from the experts who have implemented Nymbl in their Communities.  Here are just two who have used Nymbl extensively and seen both how easy it is and how dramatic the results can be.


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Introduction to Nymbl in Senior Living Communities

We would be very happy to work with your community, and would expect for you to see the same amazing results!  Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we could work with you to improve residents’ balance, reduce cost, and have a significant impact on the well being of your community.