The Nymbl Pro Application

The Nymbl Pro Application


Conduct Balance Evaluations and  Manage Users

The Nymbl Pro app is designed for the professional user of Nymbl, typically a healthcare professional, physical therapist, activities director or wellness professional. The program is designed so that any professional can learn to use the software quickly. The Pro app has four functions:

  • Conduct a balance evaluation
  • Add a new user to the coach’s list
  • Edit an existing user’s details and training levels

These features are detailed below.

Conducting a Balance Evaluation

A Nymbl balance test takes approximately 5 minutes. Our evaluation is based upon the CDC STEADI protocol, which has been tested on thousands of patients and provides a rich data set from which we can determine fall risk and age percentiles.

Uniquely, we enhance the STEADI protocol and use an algorithm to combine the results into a numerical score that can be tracked over time.  We also immediately show the user their age percentile and subdivide the score into the components of strength, stability and movement, so they know where they need work. Finally we show the user if they are at elevated falls risk according to the CDC and set their training level so they can quickly improve.

Balance Evaluation Categories:  The Nymbl Balance Assessment measures stability, strength and movement.

Pro stability tandem stand testStability.  The user is presented with an escalating series of 30 second stability tests that test lateral stability.  Starting from two feet together, arms straight ahead, the user moves to half-tandem, tandem, one legged stand, tandem (eyes closed), one legged stand (eyes closed).

If at any point the user can’t complete the exercise (we use the internal accelerometer to stop the exercise if the person “shakes” too much), the process is ended and they move to the next exercise.

Strength.  The user is next asked to standup and sit down to an armless chair as many times as possible in 30 seconds.  This tests muscle strength in the legs.

Movement.  Finally the user is asked to perform a “Timed Up and Go” (TUG) test, where the user is required to stand up from a chair, walk 10 feet, turn around, walk back, and sit down.  The user is timed and asked to do it as  quickly as possible without running or endangering themselves.  The user only does it once, and is scored in seconds, down to the 10th.

The Balance Score

At this point the test is complete. The app immediately calculates the balance score (0 – 100), provides an age percentile,  and shows the sub scores for stability, strength and movement.

The user and practitioner are also notified where the user may be at elevated risk of falls.  For instance, the red stars in the screen shot to the right show that the user is at falls risk in the strength and stability categories.

At this time a recommendation is also made for the training level at which the user should begin.

Additional Nymbl Pro Functions – User Management

User Management.  Managers can add new users  to a class or cohort “on the fly” from within the app by pressing the “Add User” button.   Use details such  as changing emails and correcting misspellings can also be quickly edited.

Please note – the “Attendance” Function formerly included in the Pro App has been moved to the Nymbl Class app. 


The Nymbl Pro App allows the healthcare professional or wellness coach to conduct balance evaluations and manage users.  It works seamlessly with the Nymbl Training App, which allows the user to train their balance on their own. In fact once the evaluation has been completed in Pro, the training level will automatically be set for the user in Training.  Similarly, Pro works perfectly with the Class App, which is designed for teaching balance classes for multiple users based on the Nymbl dual tasking approach.


Perform Balance Evaluations and Manage Users with Nymbl Pro

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