Nymbl in Home Care

Nymbl Fall Prevention in Home Care Organizations

Nymbl in Home care
The Nymbl balance improvement program has provides major advantages for  Home Care companies

The Nymbl balance improvement system provides a way to significantly improve both client outcomes and the bottom line when used in a home care environment. Our validated system is easy to train, easy to use in a home setting, low cost and effective.

Home Care Organizations are have found that using Nymbl to improve client’s balance leads to higher client satisfaction.  Nymbl is empowering, fun, and takes only 10 minutes per session. Learn more in our free webinar.

Nymbl in a home care setting provides a proven method of engaging the patient on a daily routine that will show positive results in both their physical and cognitive well being.

Our program is designed to be easy for both the caregiver and the user  in a home setting. The app guides the user through exercises and dual task cognitive challenges that improve balance, which is essentially a wellness vital sign.

Your caregiver will have a completely new skill to help their patients.  Nymbl has a self-paced online training system that takes only 15 minutes to learn. At the end of the training program, they are certified online and ready to work with patients.  Their engagement with the patients is “light touch”: reminding patients to do their exercises, helping them if they have problems, and measuring their balance to show improvement.

Nymbl Benefits in Home Care settings

Nymbl changes the home care equation in 3 dramatic ways:

  • Improved Visit Frequency.  Nymbl gives your home care team a reason to visit the client 3 or more times per week.
  • Wellness, not Decline Management.  Improving balance with Nymbl improves general wellness of the patient, making them more confident to do other activities in their lives.  Home care often gets the unfair reputation of simply managing the patient’s decline – Nymbl turns this on its head by improving the overall wellness of the patient.  This improvement is tracked and reported, so that family can track their loved one’s improvement.
  • Quick, tech assisted training of your staff. Nymbl can be learned in as little as 15 minutes with our online, tech assisted training. Learning a new skill means more confidence and lowered turnover of your valuable staff.

If you own or manage a home care company, we would love to have a conversation with you about how Nymbl can improve your bottom line while literally changing people’s lives. Please contact us to set up a call or in-person demonstration!

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