Nymbl FAQs


What is Nymbl?

Nymbl is a fun, personalized, and scientifically proven balance training program that can improve your balance by 30% – using only your phone or tablet with internet access!

With Nymbl, you can stay active and improve your balance in just 10 minutes a day – while having fun! Whether you’re seated or standing, Nymbl is enjoyable, doesn’t require strenuous activity, and reconnects your brain and body with simple exercises and brain games – so you can enjoy more of life.


    • Free: Provided to eligible members through your health plan or local organization
    • At home: Safely done in the comfort of your own home, using only your phone or tablet with internet access
    • Increases balance: 44% of Nymbl members report they feel more steady in their balance
    • Decreases medical care: 35% less likely to need medical care for a fall, after completing just 12 or more training sessions in the app
    • Personalized: Adapts to your unique balance needs and goals
    • Quick: Easily fits into your routine (only 10 minutes/day)
    • Don’t have a phone or tablet with internet access? No problem! Enroll in Nymbl (with your email address) and gain access to Nymbl’s exclusive educational email program

Who is eligible to join Nymbl?

    • Nymbl is available for older adults through select Medicare Advantage health plans and life insurance plans in the U.S. (https://www.fallsfree.com)
    • New Zealand residents have access to Nymbl through New Zealand’s injury prevention provider. (nz-fallsfree)
    • Nymbl is available to older adults in the Greater Denver Area ages 60 and up.
      • What cities and counties in Colorado are considered the Greater Denver Area?
      • DRCOG’s Greater Denver Area includes the following locations:
        • Adams County
        • Arapahoe County
        • Clear Creek County
        • Douglas County
        • Gilpin County
        • Jefferson County
        • City and County of Denver
        • City and County of Broomfield
        • Any of the zip codes within these cities and counties are eligible.

If your health plan, country, or local town does not offer you Nymbl, please know that we are  continuously working to make Nymbl available to more older adults worldwide – stay tuned!

How to download the Nymbl Training App and get started:

Follow the steps below to download the Nymbl Training app and get started:

  1. Locate your phone or tablet with internet access (we will be downloading the free Nymbl app to this device).
  2. Download the Nymbl app on your smartphone or tablet, by searching Nymbl Training in your app store OR by clicking one of these links from smartphone or tablet.  Apple (iPhone or iPad)   Android device
  3. When you locate the Nymbl app in your app store, click the blue “GET” button or green “INSTALL” button located to the right of the Nymbl Training app.
  4. When the Nymbl Training app is done downloading, click the blue “OPEN” button or green “OPEN” button located to the right of the Nymbl app.
  5. With the Nymbl app open, click the “I’m a first time user” button.
  6. Follow the easy instructions in the Nymbl app to begin personalizing your Nymbl account and start your first day of balance training!

You’ll only have to enter your email once and the system will remember your information next time.
If you are having trouble with any of these steps, please click the link for a helpful video guide to getting started: How to Download (Video)

Who is Nymbl a good choice for?

Nymbl is a great choice if:

    • You want to improve your balance
    • You want to maintain your independent lifestyle
    • You are worried about falling
    • You have experienced a fall
    • You are looking for an alternative to an in-person or online balance class

What will Nymbl do with my data?

Nymbl collects your personal information and engagement data within the Nymbl app to improve the product, track progress and enhance your member experience. Nymbl does not sell or share your data with any advertisers or marketers.

What kind of exercises will I be doing with Nymbl?

Nymbl is enjoyable and doesn’t require strenuous activity. It involves simple body exercises such as marching in place and shifting your weight to each leg. For those who are seated, Nymbl offers exercises to best suit your needs. These simple body exercises are done in combination with fun brain games, like trivia! To do Nymbl’s balance training app, all you need is a phone or tablet with internet access. No weights or other exercise equipment is needed!

How does Nymbl work?

Research shows that falls happen when we are distracted, not when we are focused on our balance. Nymbl helps prepare you for these real-life experiences and distractions by combining simple body exercises (that you normally do in your daily routine, such as lifting your foot over a rug) with brain games (like trivia) to challenge your body and mind at the same time. Nymbl’s scientifically proven app can improve balance by 30%!

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