Nymbl Fall Prevention for Medicare Advantage Plans

Nymbl Fall Prevention for Medicare Advantage Plans

1/3 of Adults over 65 fall every year. Most falls are preventable!

Nymbl provides a scalable, low cost, population health fall prevention program for Medicare Advantage Plans

Best efforts to reduce falls haven’t worked

Medicare Advantage Plans have been aggressively attempting to reduce falls among older adults for years. However, these programs have had limited success –  in fact injuries from falls have doubled since 2007, and are projected to double again as Boomers age.

Fall prevention programs have not been successful for two main reasons:

  1. Fall prevention program have predominantly depended on classes, which often the most risky members are afraid to attend. These classes are episodic and not scalable, because they require buildings and coaches.
  2. Balance training has focused on “executive function” balance as opposed to reflexive balance.

To have a truly successful fall prevention program at a population scale, it has to be available to the majority of members and it needs to train the reflex of balance – people fall when they are distracted, not when they’re actively thinking about not falling.

The scalable Nymbl Fall Prevention solution

The Nymbl Fall Prevention program differs from anything on the market because it uses dual-tasking for optimal results, and it’s delivered through technology making it truly scalable. It’s so unique, it’s patented!

Dual-tasking. A broad body of research shows that dual-tasking exercises that combine a cognitive challenge with a physical challenge have greater efficacy for improving balance. Nymbl delivers dual-tasking exercises through a series of fun challenges delivered via a smart device (Apple or Android phone or tablet).

Fun cognitive challenges such as this are paired with balance exercises either in a class or at-home setting

Dual tasking focuses the mind on solving the problem, causing the physical exercise to be managed by the cerebellum, where reflexes lie. It’s simple, fun and it is validated.

Scalability. Because Nymbl is delivered via an app on a smart device, it is a truly scalable solution that works well as an offering for Medicare Advantage Plans.  It can be offered to your entire member population, and doesn’t discriminate based on distance from a class. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, older adults prefer digital solutions and, for the first time ever, the majority own a smart device.

Key to scalability is high engagement. In controlled studies, 88% of older adults tested were able to download and use the program without assistance.

Nymbl and MA Plans working together to reduce falls, claims and costs, and to improve star ratings

Nymbl has already been adopted by several MA plans launching in January 2020. These plans chose Nymbl because our system is validated and scalable. It also is a key component of the plans’ fall prevention strategy, which can improve Medicare Advantage plan star ratings.

Plan managers also can get real time member data (HIPAA compliant) through the Nymbl Portal, which should ultimately reduce overall plan cost.

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