The Founding Story of Nymbl Science

Combining science and mobile technology to create a validated, scalable approach to falls prevention

Dr Farcy explains dual tasking and reflexive balance
Dr Farcy explains dual tasking and reflexive balance

Dr. JP Farcy and the Dual-tasking approach to Balance Improvement

Dr. JP Farcy, a renowned spine surgeon at NYU and Columbia Medical Center, was puzzled as to why two patients with similar profiles could have dramatically different surgical outcomes. He decided to find out why. This set in motion a lifetime of clinical exploration.

After years of research, to his surprise, he found that the strongest correlation to surgical outcome was a person’s balanceThose with better balance had better surgical outcomes.

Realizing that this discovery could have massive implications for healthcare, he dove into studying the domain of balance. He concluded that a person’s balance, being predictive, is effectively a vital sign for wellness.  Most importantly, he showed that balance can be improved most effectively through “dual-tasking” exercises.

Understanding the direct correlation demonstrated in clinical trials of improved balance to falls reduction, Dr Farcy’s work took him deeper into the physiological changes that dual-tasking induced in the brain, through brain plasticity. He also founded the Balance Research Foundation to pursue further research.

Building the Nymbl Team

A serendipitous meeting of Dr Farcy, two former Apple Executives, and a UK Marketing Expert was the impetus for the founding of Nymbl.  Together, Jim Cook, Tom Virden and Caroline Owen Jones (see “Nymbl Team“) realized that their entrepreneurial skills combined with Dr Farcy’s science, was the perfect combination for a company that could revolutionize falls prevention.

After meeting JP and understanding his work, the team researched the market and realized that not only were falls a multi-billion dollar healthcare problem, but also that there was no scalable, low cost falls prevention solution available.  With the knowledge that a large market was available, and adapting dual-tasking science to smartphone technology was both feasible viable,  Nymbl Science was born, with the goal of preventing 1 million falls.

Nymbl Today

Today, the company has grown to be one of the leaders in the burgeoning Colorado health-tech sector, and has accounts the US, Canada and United Kingdom.  The dual-tasking science that Dr. Farcy pioneered has been granted a patent and the dual-tasking science has been validated to be effective on multiple levels. And, despite all of the growth, the company remains committed to a single mission: to prevent 1 million falls.

Nymbl Science Timeline
A short timeline of Nymbl Science

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