How can I test my own balance?

Want to learn more about testing your balance? Click the video below to do the Tandem Stand balance test with Dr. Estrada 

At Nymbl, we want you to feel confident when it comes to your balance. To help you in your health journey, we’ve created a helpful checklist. If you experience one or more of the below, you may benefit from daily balance training: 

  • If you need to use your hands to get out of a chair (this means your legs may not have the ability to hold your entire body weight).

  • If you find yourself touching surfaces while walking, like walls and furniture (this is your brain’s way of saying it needs more stability).

  • If you’ve caught yourself from falling and thought, “That was a close call!”

  • If you find yourself withdrawing from things that you usually participate in. 

  • If you’ve had major changes in vision (your vision is one-third of your balance).

  • If you’re experiencing changes in joint sensation, like arthritis.

  • If you’re on four or more prescription medications.

  • If you’ve had major changes in brain health, like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  • If you’ve previously fallen.

You can also test your balance online using Nymbl’s balance assessment. It’s easy and available at no cost to you. You’ll have your personal balance score in less than 5 minutes!


If you’re struggling with balance or the fear of falling, you are not alone. Our goal is to empower you to live a confident and independent life, free from the fear of falling. This is where Nymbl can help. Nymbl is a scientifically-proven approach to fall prevention that makes balance training both fun and effective by combining simple body movements with brain games to challenge your body and mind at the same time, known as dual-tasking. Nymbl is fully covered and available at no cost to you.

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