Why are falls more frequent at night?

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At Nymbl, our goal is to empower you to live a confident and independent life, free from the fear of falling. When it comes to the frequency of falls at night, there are four common reasons why they happen: 

The four most common reasons for falls at night: 

1. Moving quickly and less carefully (rushing to the bathroom)

2. Becoming disoriented or dizzy (sitting up or getting out of bed)

3. Experiencing sudden changes of light (moving from your dark bedroom to a bright bathroom)

4. Moving many times at night (taking several trips to your bathroom or kitchen)

When moving at night, your awareness and alertness may not be as sharp, causing you to take more risks than you normally would, such as stepping without knowing what’s around you. To help reduce your risk of falling at night, add night lights throughout your house, and include balance training in your daily routine.  

Falling doesn’t have to be a part of your life. This is where Nymbl can help. Nymbl is a scientifically-proven approach to fall prevention that makes balance training both fun and effective by combining simple body movements with brain games to challenge your body and mind at the same time. Nymbl is fully covered and available at no cost to you. 

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