Is falling normal?

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Nymbl is here for you and your healthcare needs. To help you in your journey to better balance, we’re talking about if falling is normal.

As you age, the likelihood of falling increases. The good news is falling isn’t normal and doesn’t have to be part of your life. In fact, only one-third of people age 65 and older fall every year. This means most people are non-fallers. 

It’s important to remember that falls are preventable. You can improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling by including balance training into your daily routine. Effective balance training teaches your brain and body to work together, better preparing you for life’s many uncertainties.

Our goal is to empower you to live a confident and independent life, free from the fear of falling. This is where Nymbl can help. Nymbl is a scientifically-proven approach to fall prevention that makes balance training both fun and effective by combining simple body movements with brain games to challenge your body and mind at the same time. Nymbl is fully covered and available at no cost to you.

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