Nymbl grows: Jimi Dodge joins the engineering team

As we start 2020 here at Nymbl, there are many things ahead we are excited about, one of them being the newest addition to our team!

Introducing Jimi Dodge, our newest (and probably fastest) team member. Jimi is a skilled software developer who will no doubt play a key role in our mission of preventing 1 million falls. His contributions to the front and back end of Nymbl’s software will truly impact the older adults we serve.

Jimi worked in a fellow Catalyst HTI office at Terumo BCT for 19.5 years, working his way from a Junior Software Developer all the way to Software Engineering Manager. His largest contribution to Terumo BCT (among many) was creating the safety subsystem on their flagship therapeutic apheresis medical device.

In his free time Jimi enjoys running, skiing and traveling with his wife. His fastest marathon time is 3 hours and 53 minutes, and his fastest 5K time is 22 minutes! We are excited to try to keep up with you Jimi!

Aging2.0 hosted a webinar all about fall prevention

Aging2.0 webinar on fall prevention.

On Wednesday, November 6th, Dr. Nathan Estrada of Nymbl Science teamed up with Jayne Keller, VP of Senior Living at Christian Living and Cappella Living Solutions, and Karen Brown, CEO of iAging, to host an Aging2.0 webinar all about fall prevention.

First off, we would like to thank Karen Brown for organizing the webinar and facilitating such a meaningful conversation about fall prevention. Thank you as well to Jayne Keller. Her insights on fall prevention in senior living, were very valuable to attendees exploring how to best serve their older adults. And thank you to the many participants who joined us! The questions that were asked showed how forward-thinking people are in the senior care space.

Topics covered:

  • The evolution of fall prevention from 30 years ago to today
  • How what we “knew” directed what we did, but we “know” different now
  • How the unintended consequence of fall education can be FEAR
  • The changing behaviors of older adults and how that impacts expectations
  • Review of current evidence that balance is a reflex and requires a change in training

If you were unable to make the webinar, we recorded it and published for you to view and use as a resource when exploring the evolving fall prevention methods.

Nymbl Closes Oversubscribed Series Seed Funding Round

Nymbl closed our Series Seed Funding Round today, bringing $1.55 million of working capital into the company. The round was oversubscribed.

The funds will be used for 1) scaling up our sales and account development team in the Senior Living marketplace, where we are already seeing significant traction and growth and, 2) managing our Medicare Advantage Launches in 4 markets in January.

“We are excited by the strong reception we saw for Nymbl’s mission and investment opportunity”, commented Ed Likovich, CEO. “Our investors related to the mission of preventing 1 million falls and are excited to see a company that could focus on solving a major healthcare problem while also offering a strong business model that can drive increased investor value. With the additional funds, we can now be laser-focused on accelerate growth in our target markets.”

The round was led by Rockies Venture Club (RVC).

“Friends don’t let Friends Fall” partnership with SCLHealth Lutheran Medical Center seeing high engagement

Dr. Nathan Estrada from Nymbl teaching “dual-tasking” balance exercises at “Friends don’t let Friends Fall” orientation

Nine months ago, Nymbl and SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center launched the “Friends don’t let Friends Fall” program in conjunction with the Arvada Fire Protection District to fight the epidemic of falls that is noted to be the number one reason for emergency medical calls.

This innovative program borrowed ideas from the Netherlands, where the country has seen significant fall reduction by removing fall hazards in people’s homes and training them about fall dangers on an obstacle course. The course is designed to increase confidence rather than feed the fear of falling. All participants were given the Nymbl Training App for use free of charge so that they could train their balance in their own homes long term.

So far, the program has surpassed expectations in terms of engagement and outcomes. We have seen excellent engagement – older adults not only will use the Nymbl balance training, but they make it a habit because it’s fun, can be done in 10 minutes, and is easy to use. Typically engagement in programs is only 5% of older adults participating. The Nymbl digital solution overcomes this barrier to success by making it readily available in a person’s home. We have seen over 50% of the attendees using the balance training in the privacy of their own home. Most encouragingly, an incredible 34% of the older adults are using the app at the therapeutic dose (meaning enough to have a known improvement in balance). Members of the FDLFF program have done over 7000 exercises, totalling more than 190 hours of exercises!

Chuck Ault from SCL kicking off the program with at the Arvada Fire Protection District Training Center

Chuck Ault, Regional Director, Community Health Improvement at SCL Health commented, “Our partnership with Nymbl allows our participants to continue balance training even after they have left our program. This extends our impact and amplifies our mission to create the opportunity for older adults to age in place by preventing injury from falls.”

Plotting all of the falls in Arvada showed “clusters” near Senior Communities

Nymbl’s partnership with SCL Health has begun to impact the community as a whole. For instance, a plotting of falls in Arvada by the fire department showed that a “cluster” of falls were occurring at or near the Springwood Retirement Community. Many of the residents went through the program, and it was expanded to include daily classes in the community. Kaiona Gardon, Activities Director at Springwood, has seen a tremendous change in the community because of Nymbl. “I see more interaction between residents. They are now talking about fall prevention amongst each other. They are inviting their friends who have never been to Nymbl class. There is an ‘excitement’ in the air that wasn’t there before Nymbl. Most importantly, I see our residents encouraged about their future. I know how disheartening it has been to see other residents falling and being taken away by the paramedics. Nymbl has given our residents hope.”

Nymbl believes our partnership with SCL Health has had a significant positive impact in Arvada. A partnership like this is a great example of healthcare, healthtech and communities working together to make a real difference.

Nymbl Supports Fall Prevention Day!

Today is arguably our biggest day of the year – the day that is dedicated nationwide to preventing falls among older adults.

To support the day, we worked closely with all of our communities to come up with special events, classes and competitions to spread the word that FALLS CAN BE PREVENTED and to encourage participation.

Here’s a message from one of our communities – what a great group!!

We’re interested in what you’re doing for fall prevention day – please send us pictures of any programs you’ve run!

TSG Innovation Lab Partners with Nymbl to Reduce Patient Falls

The TSG Innovation Lab sent out the following press release today. We’re excited to be partnering with them!

“The TSG Innovation Lab is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Nymbl Science, a digital health company specializing in fall prevention, the number one sentinel event as reported by The Joint Commission. Combining medical science and mobile technology, Nymbl’s patented application measures, tracks and improves reflexive balance in the elderly population.

Ed Likovich, Nymbl’s CEO, commented: “We all have a personal example of how a fall has significantly impacted a loved one’s life; in fact, I lost my Grandfather to a fall. Through this exciting partnership with the TSG Innovation Lab, we will greatly increase our reach to seniors throughout the U.S. Most falls are preventable; no one should have to receive the call that their loved one has had a catastrophic fall.”

Using Nymbl’s cloud-based mobile application, patients complete a risk assessment based on research supported by the American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatrics Society. Nymbl generates a balance score identifying fall risk areas for each patient and automatically assigns a customized training program to improve their reflexive balance, to move them out of the high fall risk category. Early adopters of this new technology have realized a reduction in their patient fall profile by up to 50%.

Nymbl will be joining other strategic partners of the TSG Innovation Lab, a recently established business unit within The Sullivan Group (TSG). “We are very excited that Nymbl has joined the TSG Innovation Lab,” stated Dan Sullivan, MD, JD, President and CEO of TSG. “Preventing patient falls has always been an important part of patient safety. Unfortunately, patient falls remain one of the leading causes of litigation in the aging services community. We are optimistic that Nymbl’s scalable solution to improve the reflexive balance in millions of elderly patients will greatly reduce the number of patient falls across the globe.”

The TSG Innovation Lab meets monthly with its strategic partners and quarterly with TSG’s Leadership Team to evaluate and assess potential new strategic partners. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to partner with the TSG Innovation Lab or Nymbl, please contact us at innovation@thesullivangroup.com.

About Nymbl Science
Nymbl’s mission is to prevent 1 million falls among older adults. Nymbl achieves high engagement by giving older adults a fun experience in only 10 minutes a day using an approach that directly improves an individual’s ability to sense and react to the everyday stimulants that could result in a fall. This approach is called dual-tasking, which combines cognitive and physical exercise into an engaging daily program delivered through a smartphone or tablet. The Nymbl intervention is designed to remove the barriers of cost and scalability, making it the ideal population health solution for the problem of falls among older adults.

About TSG Innovation Lab
TSG has worked with over 1,000 acute care facilities; it has been used by 95,000 clinicians, and it has an impact on over 20 million patient visits annually. TSG’s RSQ® Solutions platform is used by some of the nation’s largest hospital systems to successfully reduce adverse outcomes. The TSG Innovation Lab partners with organizations in the healthcare technology space, resulting in co-development of new products and greater exposure to solutions that impact patient safety and improve patient outcomes and patient experience.”

For more information, you can see the original release here.

Kaiser on Falls: “Doctors Could Do More To Reduce The Risk.”

The number of falls for people over 65 is increasing despite best efforts to prevent them. Giving older adults a long to-do list of ways to improve their balance is disengaging and unsuccessful, according to Kaiser.  Kaiser Health News addresses what needs to be changed in senior care to actually prevent falls.

Kaiser concludes “Older adults worried about falling typically receive general advice: Take an exercise class. Get your vision checked. Stop taking medications for sleep. Install grab bars in the bathroom. … That sort of advice hasn’t proved to be very effective: Nearly three times more adults age 75 and older died from falls in 2016 than in 2000, according to a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Kaiser’s recommendations are:

  • Get a Fall Risk Assessment
  • Get a Personalized Plan
  • Be careful during transitions, especially after a hospital stay

They also conclude that doctors should communicate to older adults in a supportive, non-patronizing way that with language that reinforces the importance of independence, not fear of falling.

Nymbl offers a webinar about why fall prevention hasn’t worked. We encourage you to sign up to learn what Nymbl is doing to prevent falls.

CBT doesn’t reduce fear of falling after hip surgery more than usual care

A recently released study by the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine shows that a “cognitive intervention for fear of falling gets the same results as ‘usual’ care”.  This study, conducted on patients who had recently had hip fractures, shows that fear of falling was not just an emotional state that can be reduce by behavioral therapy.

We are not surprised by this.  Nymbl’s premise is that fear of falling is reduced by actual balance improvement, and the best way to improve balance is through dual-tasking cognitive and physical exercises.  CBT is good at treating perceived fears, but fears derived from a real physical deficit require real change at the impairment level, not just the belief level. When a patient can noticeably detect that their balance has improved, the fear of falling is reduced because they feel more stable.

For more research about balance, dual-tasking and falls, please see our balance research ebook. See the full JAMDA study here.