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Welcome to Nymbl! We’re glad you’re here. Congratulations on taking your first step toward better balance. Please follow the 3 steps below to download the Nymbl app on your smartphone or tablet and begin improving your balance, from the comfort and safety of your own home (set up only takes 10 minutes):

Step #1: Write down your one-time code

In your text messages, you’ll receive a one-time code (unique to you) that will allow you to login to Nymbl for the first time. For your convenience, please write it down on a piece of paper. After using your code to login to Nymbl (in Step #2, below), you can dispose of it (this is not a security risk). Nymbl will remember you, and you will automatically be signed in for your future balance trainings.

Step #2: Download Nymbl onto your personal smart phone or tablet and log in (it’s easy!)

Download the Nymbl app now using the App Store and Google Play buttons below. These buttons will take you directly to the Nymbl app, so that you can begin downloading.

After downloading Nymbl, open the app and click the ‘Sign In’ button. You’ll be greeted with a login screen. Type in your unique code (from Step #1) in the ‘Email/Username’ field. No password is needed; you will automatically be logged in, and will be guided through your onboarding process.


Step #3: Begin personalizing Nymbl during your first few days

Nymbl’s balance training app is custom to you and your unique balance needs. To ensure personalization, you will onboard for the first three days. These three days include questions, practice sessions, and balance tests – all tailored to you.


Day 1 (today!)

Your first day of Nymbl includes a short questionnaire and test to asses your unique risk and balance. This is the first step in customizing your training. 


Day 2 and Day 3

During your second and third day of Nymbl, you will continue your easy onboarding process. During this time, you will practice physical movements and brain challenges (such as trivia) separately – then combine them together. This is what we call dual tasking, and it’s what helps you improve your balance.


What’s next…

After your third day of Nymbl, you’ll begin your personalized balance training sessions. These are tailored to meet your unique needs and adjusts to your progress along the way. You should plan to dedicate 10 minutes per day working on your balance with Nymbl, preferably at a regular time so it becomes a habit.


On behalf of the Nymbl team, we’re glad you’re here. We’re excited to partner with you on your way to better balance. Let’s achieve your best life – together.

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Reasons why you’ll love Nymbl

At Nymbl, we are committed to helping you reduce your risk of falling. Our goal is to empower you to live a confident and independent life free from the worry of falling.

Fully covered and available at no cost to you 

Safely done in the comfort of your own home

Shown to increase your independence and confidence

Shown to improve balance and decrease fall risk

Easily fits into your routine (only 10 minutes/day)