Nymbl Class App

Version 4.05 – May 6th 2020

  • Minor bugs were fixed in this release

Version 4.04 – April 8th 2020

  • Announcing Nymbl Class v4.0!
  • More vibrant colors throughout cognitive gameplay
  • Design improvements to the login screen
  • Several usability enhancements, including polish on our Settings menu
  • Exercise descriptions are more complete and easy to understand
  • Several sounds and informational images have been tweaked
  • Multiple gameplay bugs were squashed

      Version 3.04.007 – December 5, 2019

    • Better usability for classes run without a wi-fi connection
    • Several bugs were squashed with this release
      • Version 3.03.022 – Nov 7, 2019

      • Fresh Trivia Content!  Enjoy our new Cognitive game play – Quick Trivia!
      • New improved navigation, menu and settings structure
      • Added ability to control the question countdown timer
      • Minor tweaks here and there to enhance the Class experience
        • Version 3.02

        • Updated User Experience, with improved colors and readability
        • New options to control speed for Shapes and Trivia challenges
        • Pick for Me is now an option on the Cognitive Challenge selection screen
        • Minor improvements and fixes, including a few errors found in trivia questions (thanks, Users!)
        • Support for 64-bit Android
          • Version 2.04

          • Take Class Attendance without WiFi (upload will occur next time you login with network connectivity)
          • New Feature – “The Single-leg Challenge” to end each class
          • New Cognitive: Winter Fest trivia
          • Minor improvements and fixes
            • Version 2.03 

            • Includes Attendance backdating
            • Christmas Trivia!
            • Removal of Thanksgiving Trivia
            • Attendance taking when not connected