Dr. Shereen Sairafi Director of Women’s Health


Nymbl has created a one-of-a-kind digital health solution for fall prevention that is accessible to all older adults, including both rural and urban settings. Historically, access to in-person exercise or falls prevention classes has been centered around larger cities and towns. Many rural towns and community centers do not have the resources to host fall prevention classes. However, the need for these resources in rural communities is great as nationally adults 65 years and older make up a larger percentage of rural populations than urban which results in an unmet need for older adults living outside a city.¹ Even with local access in urban areas very few older adults engage, nationally only 1 in 800 older adults go to an in-person balance training class.²  These statistics further prove the importance of a digital health solution as an alternative to in-person classes. 


Nymbl has differentiated itself by creating the most accessible digital health balance training solution on the market. Many other digital health products require streaming which prohibits the approximately 19 million Americans lacking broadband internet access from using them.³ However, Nymbl’s solution does not require broadband. Any older adult with internet access can use the Nymbl app in the comfort of their own home with no additional equipment or supervision required. 


Rural areas are more likely to be considered healthcare deserts and approximately 13 million Americans live in areas with insufficient access to a primary care provider. In many states a referral from a primary care provider is required to see a physical therapist for individual balance training. Even if a referral is available, physical therapy access is limited in rural areas because of provider shortages, transportation, and insurance coverage. Additionally, fear of falling is a predictor for activity restriction, making many older adults uncomfortable with engaging in a more formalized, in person, balance training option.  The Nymbl balance training solution was developed by an orthopedic spine surgeon and a physical therapist and addresses many of the access to care challenges faced by older adults in rural communities. Providing an older adult with a product that is covered by insurance, is done at home, and includes unlimited sessions is life changing, especially for those with limited access to healthcare. 


In conclusion, Nymbl has created a revolutionary digital health solution for balance training that is accessible to older adults in both rural and urban settings. The app addresses the significant barriers that limit the provision of in-person fall prevention classes to those living in rural areas, where access to healthcare and resources is often limited. Nymbl has differentiated itself by creating the most accessible digital health balance solution on the market and is making a significant impact in improving the health and well-being of older adults across the country.


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