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Nymbl is Internationally Recognized by a Publication in BioMed Central Geriatrics (BMC Geriatrics) as One of Only Four Recommended Balance Training Programs for Older Adults, and by a Publication in The British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open) For Its Validated Balance Improvement Outcomes.

DENVER – (JAN. 27, 2021) – Nymbl Science is proud to announce its balance improvement outcomes gained international recognition from two peer-reviewed publications in the journals BioMed Central Geriatrics (BMC Geriatrics) and British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open). Researchers from BMJ Open concluded that using an app for balance training in moderately to highly physically active older adults is feasible based on the high level of adherence and improvements observed in participants, and researchers from BMC Geriatrics concluded that apps can provide strength and balance training to older adults to reduce their fall risk through convenience, cost-effectiveness and accessibility; also recommending Nymbl as one of four apps to engage older adults in exercise independently in their homes. Both studies were published in 2020, and validate Nymbl’s app-based balance training program as well as further the company’s mission to prevent 1 million falls.

Authors McGarrible, L., Boulton, E. and Todd, C. of BioMed Central Geriatrics (BMC Geriatrics), a leader in peer-reviewed healthcare articles, examined current fall prevention solutions available across the globe; identifying all publicly available apps and web-based programs that offer strength and balance training for older adults in “Map the apps: a rapid review of digital approaches to support the engagement of older adults in strength and balance exercises.”  The researchers studied these international app and web-based programs on their ability to support older adults performing exercises independently, and evaluated their quality and evidence for effectiveness in improving strength and balance and/or preventing falls. After examining all programs, the authors recognized Nymbl as one of only four digital evidence-based strength and balance programs recommended for older adults.

Some key measures used in the BMC Geriatrics study included a Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS) and the use of behavior change techniques (BCTs). Nymbl’s MARS score came in at the highest out of all apps in the study, with a total 4.09. In regards to behavior change techniques (BCTs), Nymbl received a score of 6.5, making it the second highest score out of all app-based balance training programs in this study.

In addition to Nymbl’s recognition from BMC Geriatrics’ authors, researchers Papi E., Chiou S., and McGregor AH. from the British Medical Journal Open (BMJ Open) conducted a study focused entirely on the effectiveness and feasibility of Nymbl in “Feasibility and acceptability study on the use of a smartphone application to facilitate training in the ageing population”. The study examined the postural sway of participants, aged 55-years and older, after three to six weeks of using Nymbl’s app-based balance training program. 

Papi E., Chiou S., and McGregor AH. found that after only three weeks’ use of Nymbl’s app-based balance training program, participants’ postural sway significantly improved. After retesting, nearly 50 percent of participants reported significant benefits including improved balance, muscle strength and confidence. Participants also demonstrated high adherence to Nymbl’s balance training program, showcasing the effectiveness of the app’s easy-to-follow instructions for older adults; so much so that 77 percent of participants considered Nymbl’s app-based balance training program to be an appropriate balance training tool, and 88 percent found it easy to fit into their daily routine.

“This international recognition acknowledges our outstanding work in making balance training accessible for older adults in their homes, in a way that engages them and meets their unique needs,” said Ed Likovich, chief executive officer of Nymbl Science. “It enhances our company’s validity and places Nymbl on the path to becoming the gold-standard digital balance training intervention.”

In 2020, Nymbl launched with two of the top five largest Medicare Advantage plans in the country, as well as with New Zealand’s single payer system, to provide older adults a proven and effective method for digital balance training in the comfort and safety of their homes. Nymbl’s scientifically proven and validated balance training outcomes continues to grow, furthering Nymbl’s reach to more older adults at a population level.

About Nymbl Science
Nymbl Science is the only company providing digital balance training that is scalable, insightful, and cost-saving for our partners and effective and engaging for older adults. Our scientifically-validated balance training program trains the brain and body to work together, known as dual-tasking. Using just a smart device, and in only 10 minutes a day, older adults are preserving and enhancing their freedom and enjoyment of life with Nymbl. We believe it is necessary to empower older adults to increase confidence and the ability to fully participate in life, because aging is not less. Nymbl is the proven solution for real and lasting balance improvement.