Under COVID-19 conditions, older adults are suffering from isolation and deconditioning. Those who previously participated in in-person strength and balance classes are now stuck at home and without effective, validated and scalable fall prevention interventions. As a result, we’re seeing falls significantly increase.

Nymbl successfully meets the needs of all older adults across the continuum of care, ranging from seated to marathon runners, with our digital, at-home balance training solution. A large number of in-person programs have followed suit in adapting digital versions of activities (if not already on a digital platform), including strength and balance training. 

In 2020, BMC Geriatrics, a leader in peer-reviewed healthcare research articles, took a closer look at today’s fall prevention solutions and identified what international digital resources for strength and balance training are publicly available in the form of apps and websites. BMC examined these programs’ apps and websites on their ability to support older adults performing exercises independently, and evaluated their quality and evidence for effectiveness in improving strength and balance and/or preventing falls.

After examining all app and web-based programs designed for older adults in this international review, Nymbl is thrilled to share the results from this study: Nymbl is internationally recognized as one out of four digital evidence-based strength and balance programs recommended for older adults. We are proud to be acknowledged for the incredible work we do for older adults by making daily balance training easily accessible in their homes, in a way that engages them and also meets their unique needs.

Additionally, BMC Geriatric’s recognized Nymbl’s digital balance training app as the only scalable and launchable program today that also personalizes our users’ training. Nymbl’s scalability and quick implementation makes obtaining Nymbl a seamless experience for all of our partners, and allows Nymbl’s older adult users to download the app directly onto their smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Furthermore, Nymbl is the only multimodal intervention for falls, providing quality educational content for older adults without a smartphone or tablet, which increases their awareness of the factors that contribute to their fall risk. With Nymbl, older adults have full access to easy 10-minute balance training independently in their homes, along with supplemental educational content. These features are fully available all while helping older adults adhere to stay at home orders to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, encouraging them to be safe. 

Older adults deserve a validated and proven solution  to help them improve their balance and maintain their independence, especially during these unprecedented times. With Nymbl’s evidence-based and scientifically proven digital balance training program, older adults can improve their balance by 30 percent in the comfort and safety of their own homes, and help improve their quality of life by empowering them to be confident and independent as they age. In as little as 10 minutes per day, older adults can include Nymbl into their day-to-day activities, challenging their brain and body to work together to improve balance. Nymbl is helping older adults achieve these outcomes worldwide – as a result, our program is on the path to becoming the gold standard for digital balance training and the go-to alternative to in-person balance classes.

Disclaimer: At the time this study was conducted, Nymbl was available to U.S. users only. Nymbl recently launched in New Zealand in August, 2020.

Read the full article here: https://bmcgeriatr.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12877-020-01880-6