COVID-19 is leaving most, if not all, our nation’s older adults behind – without effective fall prevention interventions. In addition to making an impact across the globe and throughout the US, Nymbl is committed to changing the lives of older adults in our own backyard.

We’ve teamed up with Arvada Fire Department (who Nymbl previously partnered with, successfully reducing fall-related EMS calls by 35%!) to provide our scientifically proven digital balance training app to all Arvada residents. This important partnership allows older adults to improve their balance by 30%, in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Compared to falls data from prior years, 2020 has demonstrated a 50% increase in the fall-related EMS call burden for Arvada Fire. In fact, 70% of fall-related calls result in transporting, and oftentimes leaves a negative impact on older adults and their loss of independence; it can even result in the inability to return to their prior living environment.

“After starting Nymbl, I stopped having to see my friends leave in an ambulances due to a fall.” says 93-year-old Lloyd, Nymbl User and local Denver resident.

We are proud to partner with Arvada Fire Department and help make a difference in older adults’ lives. If you know an older adult in Arvada who would like to improve or maintain their balance for free, they can enroll by visiting AF.FallsFree.com today!

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