Nymbl is excited to welcome Taniya Sellers to the team as our Client Success Associate.

Taniya opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to implement change, provide excellent service, and strong customer support. With over 6 years in both large and small businesses, Taniya has experience in service desk optimization, technical troubleshooting, team building, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. 

She has worked with large tech companies, and has been invaluable to the growth and sustainability of smaller service desks in mobile technology. She brings with her a vast amount of real world experience in customer service and is eager to implement all of her knowledge to bring the absolute best experience to our end users. 

Taniya’s core values are service, integrity, respect, and empathy. She enjoys creating art, listening to music, reading, and writing. Being a Colorado native, she loves spending her time outdoors.