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Digital balance training that is scalable, insightful, and cost-saving for our partners and effective and engaging for older adults.

  • Nymbl engages those who are unwilling or unable to attend traditional balance classes
  • Nymbl training takes only 10 minutes per day
  • Nymbl can reduce fall risk by 24% in the first month of use

Falling doesn’t have to be a natural part of getting older – but using Nymbl should be.

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Some Nymbl User insights

“I’ve never experienced anything like Nymbl. I feel like it’s working…I’m going to stick with it!”
Sam C., Nymbl User

“I’m a new man after two weeks of using Nymbl…I’m having fun again.”
Hunter L., Nymbl User

“Thank you for introducing Nymbl balance training to me!”

Kay O., Nymbl User


Latest News

Nymbl Science welcomes Jeff Goe, Vice President of Sales

Nymbl is excited to welcome Jeff Goe to the team as our Vice President of Sales. Jeff is advancing our fall prevention mission by leading our revenue growth efforts. He joins Nymbl with over 16 years of healthcare experience helping mission-driven companies like Nymbl...

Nymbl is Internationally Recognized as One of Four Digital Evidence-Based Strength and Balance Programs Recommended For Older Adults

Under COVID-19 conditions, older adults are suffering from isolation and deconditioning. Those who previously participated in in-person strength and balance classes are now stuck at home and without effective, validated and scalable fall prevention interventions. As a...

On the Path to Becoming the Gold-Standard Digital Balance Training Intervention

We are pleased to share the next phase of our validation with our peer-reviewed study, published by BMJ Open, recognizing Nymbl’s validated outcomes through our feasible, at-home digital balance training for older adults. The study included participants aged 55+ with...

Meet Chris McLaughlin, Nymbl’s Analytics Engineer

Nymbl is thrilled to welcome Chris McLaughlin, Nymbl's Analytics Engineer, to the team. Chris is excited to further Nymbl's fall prevention mission through expansion of internal analytics capabilities. He comes to Nymbl with 4 years of experience spanning data...

Nymbl is Changing the Lives of Denver’s Local Older Adults

COVID-19 is leaving most, if not all, our nation's older adults behind - without effective fall prevention interventions. In addition to making an impact across the globe and throughout the US, Nymbl is committed to changing the lives of older adults in...

Nymbl welcomes Stevano Lie, Senior User Experience Designer

Nymbl is excited to welcome Stevano Lie to the team as our Senior User Experience Designer. Stevano is advancing our fall prevention mission by ensuring we provide the best user experience, easy to use balance training solutions for older adults. He has over six years...