Nymbl Science

Scalable, Digital Balance Training For Fall Prevention


Nymbl delivers validated and personalized
balance training via a smartphone.
We achieve up to 10x the reach and
engagement of traditional balance programs.

Improved balance gives older adults
the confidence to fully live their lives.




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The people in your fall prevention program may not be those who need it the most


Nymbl reaches users who are unwilling or unable to attend traditional balance classes

Training takes only the 10 minutes per day that older adults are willing to give – 88% of our users say that Nymbl is easy to fit into their daily lives

Nymbl delivers validated outcomes that save you money

Nymbl takes balance training away from episodic training and moves it to a lifestyle

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Nymbl Class in Senior Living
Nymbl classes in Senior Living are fun and only last 10 minutes.

Nymbl in Senior Living

Nymbl is designed to fit easily into the existing activities of Senior Living Communities.

We deliver:

  • Happier residents who participate more in life
  • Cost Savings
  • Ease of implementation

Nymbl is the “onramp” to wellness in your community.  See how Nymbl can work in your senior living community.

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Nymbl fall prevention for Medicare Advantage Plans
Nymbl provides a scalable fall prevention solution that your members can use in their own home.

Nymbl for Medicare Advantage Plans

Nymbl provides the first truly scalable fall prevention program designed for the 90% of older adults who resist leaving their homes for balance training.

When you meet this need, your members gain improved quality of life and are empowered to leave their homes.

See why Nymbl is being chosen by Medicare Advantage Providers for its scalability, high engagement, and impact on Star Ratings.

– Nymbl Testimonials and Partners

Nymbl Validated Results


High User Participation

ParticipationGraphic2/3 Are Still Engaged After 6 Months


Balance Improvement

Summit Health Study


Senior Living

Measurable Improvement

In At-Risk Population in 4-8 Weeks

Nymbl’s balance evaluation and training program is validated through multiple studies and patented.

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