Every 12 seconds, someone over 65
is treated in the emergency room for a fall.

Falls are the #1 leading cause of
accidental death for this age group.

Nymbl combines mobile technology with
medical science to address this global challenge.

The Nymbl Balance System

Nymbl has developed a comprehensive system for measuring, tracking and, most importantly, improving balance. It can be used in a clinical setting or at home, and all interactions can be tracked remotely.

Nymbl Balance Improvement System
Key Uses
Physician Screening
Nymbl offers a range of balance tools for health providers, including fall risk assessments, digital balance evaluations and balance training interventions.

Implementing Nymbl at your office enables:
• State of the art care for your patients
• Incremental revenue through payer reimbursement
• MIPS points and other incentive payments
• Seamless EHR integration

Contact us to learn how you can start using Nymbl today.
Wellness Professionals
Nymbl offers a complete toolkit for inserting 15 minute balance segments into your existing classes and individual training sessions. Our system can deliver balance and cognitive content while measuring improvement in real time.

All this is seamlessly managed and monitored through our Coach Portal.

Contact us to learn how to increase your class offerings and revenue.
At Home Training
Nymbl can be used in the comfort of your own home. Our community members have access to the award winning Nymbl Balance Training app, that takes you through the exercises and measures progress. Cognitive challenges are displayed on the smartphone screen during the exercises, and all exercises are animated and clearly explained.

See more about our "At Home" program.
Senior Living
Nymbl offers a complete package for implementing balance screening and intervention programs within your community. Our participants have shown significant balance improvement in under one month.

Our system manages the entire process of implementing balance improvement programs, from education to class enrollment to content delivery.

Contact us to learn how you can implement fun, engaging balance classes in your community with measured results.
The Nymbl Science Mission
Nymbl Science is a global startup based in the UK and US. Nymbl provides the first and most comprehensive mobile and wearable technology based solution to address the global health care challenge of decreasing balance and increasing falls in an ageing population.
Balance is a complex phenomena which takes years to develop as a child. It relies on input from multiple sensory systems including the vestibular, somatosensory, and visual systems.

Improving Balance
Unfortunately, for most people balance declines as they age. This can have very severe consequences, including falls, injury, death, loss of mobility, and inability to live independently.

At Nymbl Science, our mission is to use modern technology to help people improve their balance, and thereby improve their quality of life.
Nymbl Blog and News
October 22, 2017 in news and awards

Newsflash!! Nymbl Wins Prime Health Challenge – pilot proposals from 4 leading Colorado Healthcare Organizations!

In front of a 600 strong crowd of the health care leaders in Colorado on Thursday, October19th, Nymbl Science won the grand prize at the Prime Health Challenge 2017. Nymbl was awarded $45,000 in cash toward running a pilot with…

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October 19, 2017 in news and awards, Partnerships

Nymbl looking forward to “Reimagining Health Care” at CatalystHTI starting in May!

If you’re in Health Tech in Colorado, you no doubt know that CatalystHTI will be the center of innovation for Healthcare as soon as it opens in May 2018. Mike Biselli has tirelessly pulled together many of the leaders and…

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October 19, 2017 in news and awards, Partnerships

Brookfield Residential Home partners with Nymbl to improve balance

Shared vision When Nymbl first met with Czajka Care staff to discuss the issue of balance in the elderly community it was clear that Nymbl’s mission aligned with their own falls prevention concerns. They were immediately attracted by the Nymbl…

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Management Team:
<strong>Jim Cook</strong>

Jim Cook

Knowledgable in mobile technology, start-ups, technology strategy, product marketing
Apple, HP, Verifone, Arthur D. Little, Make-A-Wish

<strong>Dr. Ed Likovich</strong>

Dr. Ed Likovich

PhD in Applied Physics
Knowledgable in scaling high growth companies, startup strategy, funding, wellness app marketing. Goodlux Technology, Meritage Funds

<strong>Tom Virden</strong>

Tom Virden

Knowledgable in business planning, start-up strategy, brand marketing, online marketing/SEO
Apple, Atari, Netscape, Lastminute.com, Boatbookings

<strong>Caroline Owen Jones</strong>

Caroline Owen Jones

Expert in direct marketing, consumer marketing
Founder and Honorary Director, Institute of Direct Marketing
Professor at SKEMA Business School (France)

<strong>Nathan Estrada</strong>

Nathan Estrada

DPT at University of Colorado Health Science Center Physical therapy Clinical Specialist, experienced in Senior Living Therapy and programs, Health Care Marketing, Community and health education.

<strong>Karl Archuleta</strong>

Karl Archuleta

25 years managing tech teams in IT and Healthcare space

Medical & Scientific Founder:
<strong>Jean-Pierre Farcy</strong>

Jean-Pierre Farcy

40 years experience as a spine surgeon and world reknowned expert in balance
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
Balance Research Foundation
Columbia Medical Center

Team & Advisors:
<strong>Fulvio Massini</strong>

Fulvio Massini

Mobile app development
OpenUp, Italy

<strong>Ekin Caglar</strong>

Ekin Caglar

Solution Architect
Co-founder + CTO, Woto

<strong>Dr. Costas Gavriel</strong>

Dr. Costas Gavriel

Gait and movement algorithms
Imperial College, UK

<strong>Dr. Andreas Thomik</strong>

Dr. Andreas Thomik

Gait and movement algorithms
Imperial College, UK

<strong>Doug Lentz</strong>

Doug Lentz

Fitness & wellness expert
Summit Health

<strong>Ferhan Cook</strong>

Ferhan Cook

Angel & Impact investing
Apple, EBAN, BIC Angels

<strong>Hans Lee</strong>

Hans Lee

Wearable tech expert
MIT, FitBit, Sticky.ad

<strong>Dr. Kate Worster</strong>

Dr. Kate Worster

Biomechanical & musculoskeletal expert
University of Colorado Denver

UK Trade & Investment

UK Trade & Investment

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UC Anschutz

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